What Ford’s Discontinued Car Announcement Means for You

Recently, Ford announced that it will no longer be making most of its traditional sedans. This news shocked both consumers and the automobile industry. Learn more about why Ford is making this big move, which models will be discontinued, and what this means for you.

2018 White Ford Fusion | Lake Shore Ford

While not all sedans are being eliminated, this move does cut five key models from the Ford lineup, including the Ford Fusion, Taurus, Fiesta, Focus, and C-MAX. The iconic Mustang, which is technically not a sedan but a high-performance pony car, will stick around. Additionally, Ford says it will introduce the Focus Active. However, with a ground clearance that’s higher than the current Ford Focus, this vehicle will actually be closer to a crossover hatchback than a sedan.

Why Is Ford Discontinuing Sedans?

The demand for sedans continues to drop as more Americans shift to crossovers and SUVs. Ford says it’s abandoning its sedan line because it’s losing money on these vehicles. In fact, during the first three months of 2018, Ford sold 100,956 of the five vehicles that will be discontinued. This represents a drop of 12.2 percent year over year in sales.

Ford often has to offer large discounts to get sedans moving off dealership lots, and often these vehicles get delivered to rental car companies for bargain prices. Plus, Ford believes that SUVs will make up almost half of the retail market in the United States, so the company wants to focus on delivering exceptional vehicles in this segment.

Why Is Ford Focusing on SUVs?

Along with being more popular among consumers, SUVs and crossovers are also more profitable for Ford. Consumers see these vehicles as more desirable, so they’re willing to pay a little more for them. Additionally, with the release of the EcoSport, Ford now has an entry-level crossover that it can use to draw in consumers. Ford is also making a push to offer more hybrid SUVS, which it hopes will appeal to buyers who drive sedans because of fuel efficiency.

Are These Vehicles Discontinued Worldwide?

Ford isn’t completely discontinuing its sedan line since these vehicles will still be available overseas. Only drivers in North America will be impacted. Therefore, people in the United States, Canada, and Mexico will no longer be able to purchase these five sedans once they’re eliminated.

When Will This Occur?

Ford says it will start eliminating these five models in the next two years. Therefore, if you’re a fan of any of these vehicles, you need to act fast. By the year 2020, you’ll no longer be able to purchase any of them in the United States. Instead, you can turn to Ford for your truck, SUV, and crossover needs.

Ford’s announcement to eliminate sedans from its North America lineup came as a shock to many. However, now that you know more information about it, you can prepare for the change and decide if you’re going to get one of these sedans before they’re gone for good.

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