Looking Ahead to Ford Plans for the Focus-Based Unibody Pickup for 2022

Ford Bronco coming 2020 | Lake Shore FordAs one of the most popular auto manufacturers in the world, Ford offers a wide range of top-notch vehicles. In the near future, though, Ford plans to focus its efforts on producing trucks and SUVs. It has even decided to bring back classic models such as the Ranger and the Bronco.

One of the biggest rumors surrounding Ford is that the company plans to release a compact unibody pickup truck within the next few years. Learn a little more about Ford’s plans for a unibody pickup, and find out when this planned vehicle will hit the market.

A Smaller Car Lineup

Demand for trucks and SUVs has increased to a surprising degree over the last few years, and Ford is set to meet this demand by focusing on these vehicles. In the future, Ford’s vehicle lineup will be much smaller than in the past, and it will focus primarily on SUVs and trucks. The only exceptions are the Mustang and the Focus.

Currently, the Focus is available as either a sedan or a hatchback. Soon, however, this popular vehicle will only be available in a crossover model, and rumors are that the new compact unibody pickup truck will be based on this design.

Fourth-Generation Focus

When the fourth-generation Ford Focus hits the U.S. markets, only a lifted hatchback version will be available. This model will be called the Focus Active, and it will be similar to the Focus design that has been available in Europe for years.

The unibody chassis of the Focus Active will serve as the basis for Ford’s new subcompact pickup truck. The purpose of this small pickup is to give consumers an option other than the full-size F-150 or the upcoming midsize Ranger. Although this new unibody pickup truck likely won’t have the power of its large counterparts, its ability to handle minor towing jobs and other work projects should make it a good fit for consumers.

When Will this New Truck Be Available?

If you’re interested in seeing the new unibody pickup truck in action, you’ll likely need to wait a few years. Ford estimates that this new model won’t hit U.S. markets until 2022. Also, it will first make its debut in Brazil.

In Brazil, Ford once offered a small pickup truck known as the Courier, which was based on the Ford Fiesta platform. The Courier truck was very popular for 15 years, but Ford discontinued it in 2013. The new unibody truck should serve as a replacement for the Courier, and its popularity in Brazil may determine if Ford will offer it to U.S. consumers.

Currently, there is no indication as to what Ford may call this new compact pickup truck, although there are some rumors that Ford will bring back the Ranchero branding for this vehicle. If you’re a longtime Ford fan, you may remember that the Ranchero name was last used in 1979.

Ford has big plans for the future of its vehicle lineup, including bringing back some classic models and launching a brand-new compact unibody pickup truck. Keep your eyes open so that you can be one of the first drivers to hit the road in one of these trucks.