How to Keep Your Ford Smelling Like New

Dog sticking its head outside car window | Lake Shore FordHaving a new car is an exciting feeling. It boosts all of our happy thoughts; even its scent is something we want to cherish forever. However, its pre-purchase condition eventually fades in time. Drink and food spills, plus poor maintenance, may lead to your car acquiring an awful odor. In addition, if your vehicle smells a little different, it may indicate that it needs to undergo repairs soon.

We can never get that particular fresh-from-the-market fragrance back into our cars. In spite of that, there are plenty of ways to get it smelling almost like new again. Though these tips may not guarantee that same scent your car gave off when you purchased it, you will still be able to avoid foul odors and keep your vehicle smelling great longer.

Clean Your Car

This one is a giveaway. Cleaning your car is not only important when you want to create a good impression, but it is also something you should do frequently no matter what. Regular and extensive cleaning helps prevent stinky odors from spreading inside your car. Cleaning involves removing trash and wiping up any spills.

Vacuum the Car

Over time, dirt, crumbs, dust, and other pollutants pile up inside your car. It is a good idea to vacuum your vehicle at least once a week to get rid of these contaminants. Vacuum the ceiling, carpets, seats, and the upholstery. Make sure to not forget to reach into the corners and edges of the vehicle and into the armrests and cupholders. Doing this on a regular basis will keep your car free from odor-producing elements.

Sprinkle Baking Soda

Sprinkling baking soda on the cloth seats and floor mats helps extract and neutralize unwanted scents. Be sure upholstery and floors are totally dry before sprinkling baking soda. Leave it for three to four hours before vacuuming and cleaning the car.

Try a Vinegar and Water Mix Solution

Mix half vinegar and half water into a spray bottle and use it to wipe the front seats, back seats, mats, floors, dashboard, and any other surface of inside your car. This may take a while to work, but is an effective solution for eliminating the undesirable smell of your car.

Throw Away Any Trash Immediately

Having trash and other unnecessary items inside the car is something that you should avoid. Carry a small, portable garbage can or trash bag so that you can easily get rid of trash when you leave your vehicle. Throw waste out as soon as possible so that it will not create a nasty scent inside your automobile.

Until you’re ready for your next car purchase, these tips should help you keep your vehicle smelling close to new. If you really want to smell the special fragrance of a new car again, visit Lake Shore Ford in Burns Harbor, Indiana. We offer an impressive selection of new and pre-owned Ford vehicles. Our inventory includes SUVs, pickup trucks, sedans, and crossovers. Our team of professional sales advisors is always ready to address your needs with the utmost respect and attention to detail.

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