Spend a Day in the Chesterton European Market

A group of people standing a table of food while cooks cook at a farmers market.

European Markets hold a strong tradition of providing a festive community experience via live entertainment and quality shopping. Farmers, merchants, chefs, and artists travel to be part of Chesterton European Market, traveling from across Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana to provide our guests with an extraordinary selection of goods and services. Come, enjoy, and spend a day in the Chesterton European Market.

More Than a Farmer’s Market

While similar in nature to a farmer’s market selling vegetables and fruit directly from the farm, European Markets offer much more than just produce. Featuring a unique ambiance of boutique creamery cheeses, meats, oils, clothing, jewelry, artisan bread and pastries, ethnic foods, spices, rare books, and accessories, the Chesterton European Market has earned a reputation of being one of the best. In addition to items for purchase, the market also hosts several live musical performances happening throughout the season. A great activity for all ages, feel free to bring your leashed four-legged family member as well.

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Quench Your Thirst With Local Brews or Wine Near Chesterton

Filled wine glasses on a bar | Chesterton, INIf you live near Indiana’s share of Lake Michigan’s coastline, it is not hard to find a craft brewery or bar in the area that serves locally made beers or wines. In fact, you will not even have to head over to Illinois or Michigan to find a local drink when you are near Chesterton, Indiana.

Craft House

You can get a craft beer along with a big plate full of worthy pub food at Craft House. It is located at the northern tip of the Plaza Drive loop on Indian Boundary Road. The restaurant has 17 taps with a constantly rotating list of brews. Plus, you can get over 50 more craft beers in a bottle. As for the food, Craft House has something for everyone, like vegan spaghetti and meatballs, grilled salmon, and avocado hummus. No matter what day you stop by, you can count on seeing a daily special.

Hunter’s Brewing

You will find Hunter’s Brewing on South Calumet Road. It is a Chesterton business that takes pride in handcrafting its beers in small batches and experimenting with new flavors and ingredients. The brewery does not have too much beer on hand thanks to that, but to make up for it, the pub offers a revolving list of guest beers and ciders, both on tap and from cans and bottles. Hunter’s Brewing makes a point of offering a menu that is 100 percent vegetarian and vegan. Many menu options are also gluten-free.

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Think Ahead to Spring With a Visit to Parks Near Chesterton

Sand dune with ocean in the background | Chesterton, INWinters can get cold in Chesterton, Indiana, especially when the wind starts blowing in off Lake Michigan. There are not many things you can do about the weather in Chesterton, but one thing you can do while waiting for the snow to melt is to start planning for spring activities. Spring is a great time to get outside, thanks to the mild temperatures. Don’t waste this upcoming season indoors. Try visiting some of the parks in Chesterton’s area.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

The Indiana Dunes is due straight north of Chesterton, which means the city has a memorable park and a easy driving distance. This national park protects over 15,000 acres of Lake Michigan’s southern shoreline, including 15 miles of the coast itself. The park takes its name from the sand dunes built up along the shore over thousands of years, and these banks feature a unique ecology you can learn about at one of the park’s two visitor centers. The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore allows everything from swimming and boating to camping and horseback riding.

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Want to Escape the Cold? Try One of These 3 Indoor Pools

Indoor swimming pool | Chesterton, INMost people feel the cold and think space heater, fireplace, sweaters, and other cozy things. Well, perhaps slipping into a heated pool or spa is an even better way to warm up from the cold. Check out these nearby pools in the Chesterton, Indiana, area the next time you want to warm up.

  1. Chesterton Fitness Center

New year, new you. And that means a new health club membership. You should seriously consider the Chesterton Fitness Center, part of the Franciscan Health Fitness Centers group. In addition to the regular gym and fitness activities, the Chesterton Fitness Center has a swimming pool. Swimming is a great way for all ages to stay active and healthy. The water provides natural resistance resulting in a low-impact workout you cannot replicate outside the water.

The lap pool at Chesterton is four lanes and 25 meters long and with an average temperature over 80 degrees, so you can be sure to take the chill off while taking a dip. Chesterton’s fitness center also has a therapy pool where you can take advantage of class offerings such as Aqua Flow, Aqua Flex, and Hydro Strength. To enhance the therapeutic benefit, the water is kept at a balmy 93 degrees.

Remember, membership has its privileges. When new swim classes are offered, they are offered first to members, then to the general public. The pool is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the weekends. Family swim hours are Sundays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., and a lifeguard is on duty.

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Craving New Flavors? Try One of These 4 Cooking Classes Near Chesterton, IN

Tomatoes, uncooked pasta, basil ready to cook | Lake Shore FordWould you like to become a professional chef in your own kitchen? With less outdoor activities available during the winter months, it is a perfect opportunity for you and your partner to improve your cooking skills by taking a cooking class. You’ll gain loads of knowledge, improve your cooking skills, and have a great time. We’ll review four cooking classes available near Chesterton.

  1. Ranjana’s Indian Coo15king Classes

If you love Indian food, perhaps you could consider becoming your very own Indian chef. Ranjana’s Indian vegetarian cooking classes are informative, interactive, and hands-on. After each three-hour class, you will sit down to a nine-course meal. Classes are held in the comfort of your own home.

Learn to prepare dishes rooted in India’s vegetarian culinary traditions but adapted to today’s lifestyle and kitchen. You will be taught to prepare food in a healthy, wholesome, and fresh way. You can choose between a single class and a four-class series. Call them on (773) 355-9559 for more information about their courses.

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3 Things to Do at Indiana Dunes State Park

Hiking boots and drink canister | Lake Shore FordIndiana Dunes State Park, located 47 miles east of Chicago, consists of 2,182 acres of beach, marshes, swamps, forest, and dunes. The beach runs for more than three miles along Lake Michigan’s southern shore, and the area directly beyond the beach is littered with ancient sand dunes. The park is home to a large variety of habitats, plants, and animals, and in 1974 was declared a national landmark. Admission, like in all other Indiana state parks, is free. Take a look at our favorite Ford models with 4 Wheel Drive capabilities in Chesterton, Indiana.

There are many different activities that you enjoy in this beautiful park, such as fishing, birdwatching, picnicking in one of the many available shelters, or cross-country skiing. But that is not all: here is some more info on fun things you can do at Indiana Dunes State Park.

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Experience Indiana’s Little-Known Ghost Town, City West

Indiana Dunes | Lake Shore FordEven if you’re familiar with Indiana’s long and interesting history, there’s still a lot you can learn about this state. For example, many people are unaware that it is actually home to a ghost town, City West. The City West planners intended the town to serve as Indiana’s answer to Chicago, but their plans never quite came to fruition. Learn a little more about the ghost town of City West, and discover some of the interesting sights and sounds in this area of Indiana.

History of City West

Without Michigan City, City West may have never been formed. Investors noticed nearby Michigan City thriving, thanks to the railroad and lumber industries, and decided to start their own town just down the road: City West. Founded on Lake Michigan, City West was only 60 miles away from Chicago, and the town’s founders hoped the community would one day rival the Windy City as the center of culture in the Midwest.

Unfortunately, City West failed to thrive the way the founders intended. Although there were plans to build a bustling metropolis, the only structures that were ever constructed were a saw mill and a hotel with 22 rooms. About 200 people settled the town, but the population steadily dwindled until the town was completely abandoned. Eventually, the remaining buildings in the town burned down in a forest fire, and the remains of City West were swallowed by Indiana Sand Dunes.

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Where to Find Organic Produce in Chesterton

Asparagus, Avocado slice in hald with exposed pit, tomato, green tomato, garlic, whole avocodo, and yellow pitcher with flowers on it | Lake Shore FordIf you’re interested in creating delicious meals using fresh produce not grown with potentially harmful chemicals, you need to turn to organic produce. Fortunately, you’ll discover a variety of places around Chesterton, Indiana, where you can find organic produce. When you’re ready for clean and natural eating, consider a few of these top options.

Acorn Acres Farm Shop

Acorn Acres runs a small family farm in Kouts, Indiana. If you’re interested in purchasing some of the produce grown at the farm, visit the Acorn Acres Farm Shop in the Tiger Lily Shopping Center in Chesterton. When you stop by the shop, you’ll discover pasture-raised poultry, fresh eggs, grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-raised pork, and fruits and vegetables grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. While the majority of items in the shop come directly from Acorn Acres, you’ll occasionally find items from other farms as well.

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5 Restaurants with Gluten-Free Bread Near Chesterton

Gluten Free Bread | Lake Shore FordIf you follow a gluten-free diet, going out to eat is sometimes difficult. Fortunately, more and more restaurants around Chesterton, Indiana, are starting to offer gluten-free bread and other gluten-free menu options. The next time you’re planning a meal out, explore a few of these top options.

  1. Third Coast Spice Cafe

Third Coast Spice Cafe in Chesterton understands that everyone has dietary concerns they need to follow. That’s why the restaurant offers a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menu items. Open every day from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., the cafe is a great place to go for breakfast and lunch. Gluten-free bread is available, so you can order some with your breakfast omelet or get it on one of the popular sandwiches, including the buffalo burger, Mediterranean chicken, or grilled cheese.

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4 New Restaurants to Open in the Chesterton Area

Burger in Chesterton, IN | Lake Shore FordThe Chesterton area’s new restaurants offer unique and memorable dining experiences, surprising their customers with an unusual spin on food and drinks.


This fun-spirited establishment has elevated its food and drink preparation techniques to state-of-the-art. Everything is nontraditional about this place — from the ambiance to the unusual flavor combinations. Each room of the restaurant has a different theme, like the Library Room or the Boudoir Room. The servers wear bow-tie T-shirts.

Dino Cocco, one of the owners, takes his business seriously and offers four different types of ice for cocktails. He cures his own bacon, prepares ginger syrup for beer, and presses fresh juices for cocktails every day.

Volstead serves many of the old classics with a unique twist. One of the entrees pairs flavors of duck and white chocolate. Pork rinds are sprinkled with cheddar. Doughnut holes surprise you with the combination of vanilla, foie gras, and jam. The Jackie Chiles cocktail is an unbelievable concoction of tobacco and espresso.

Generally, it’s $5-$15 for appetizers, $10-$12 for sandwiches, and $21-$24 for entrees.

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