4 Specialty Shops for Planning Your Festive Dinner around Chesterton, IN

Honey | Lake Shore FordWhen it comes to preparing dinner for an upcoming holiday, specialty shops are some of the best places to get fresh ingredients. You’ll also find items you can’t get anywhere else that will make your next dinner all the more special. Here are four specialty shops to go to in and around Chesterton, Indiana, for the holiday season.

  1. Acorn Acres Farm

Serving the Chesterton, Indiana, area since 1969,¬†Acorn Acres Farm provides the best farm-fresh produce, meats, and other items you’ll want for your holiday table. If you’re shopping for meat, be sure to bring a cooler to stock up. Acorn Acres sells frozen meat, but fresh chicken is on offer from time to time when available. They sell beef, lamb, and pork, too. Other fresh ingredients include eggs, fruit and vegetables, raw honey, maple syrup, and artisanal raw milk cheese.

Visit Acorn Acres at the Tiger Lily Shopping Center in Chesterton from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Thursday through Saturday.

  1. Good to Go by Lucrezia

Good to Go by Lucrezia is a part of a local Italian restaurant group. The Good to Go store in Chesterton sells Italian cheeses, extra-virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Prepared foods from the three Lucrezia restaurants are available here along with fresh deli cheese and meats.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to pick up for upcoming holiday dinners, ask for a sample. This is also a good place to pick up fun gifts for any foodies on your list this season.

  1. Lange’s Old Fashioned Meat Market

Located in Michigan City, Indiana, Lange’s Old Fashioned Meat Market is the place to go if you’re looking to buy some good meat for your holiday dinner. Pete, the owner, sells prime rib, ham, and other holiday staples. So, whether you’re doing the cooking or need to bring something to the person who is cooking, he’s the guy to see. Lange’s also sells steaks and sausages if you’re thinking about cooking a holiday breakfast.

  1. Molly Bea’s Ingredients

To top off your holiday food shopping list, stop off at Molly Bea’s Ingredients in Chesterton. Molly Bea’s specializes in bulk ingredients and treats for vegans, diabetics, vegetarians, those with a gluten intolerance, or people keeping kosher. Some of the specialty items they sell include flour, oats, tea, coffee, and pasta.

Molly Bea’s is a great place to shop for baking ingredients, especially if someone on your baking list has dietary restrictions. Many of the items sold here are organic or fair-trade certified. So, whether you’re baking or need to add something special to a dish, head to Molly Bea’s.

Holiday dinners are some of the best because of the time we spend with our families and the delicious food. These four specialty shops in Chesterton are just some of the places you can shop at for your whole dinner, or a few specific elements to make it that more special. Stop by one of them the next time you’re in town for help with your holiday dinner.