4 Places to Chow Down on Thai

Multiple white bowls of Thai food. | Burns Harbor, IN

One of the many advantages of the U.S.A. being a melting pot of cultures is the wonderful variety in cuisine choices.  Known for its exotic ingredients and delicious dishes, Thai food is very popular and for good reasons. Luckily for those living in or around Chesterton, Indiana, there are plenty of amazing Thai restaurants to choose from.

1. Bangkok Thai & Sushi

With a name that tells you exactly what to expect, Bangkok Thai & Sushi is one of the most unique and delicious destinations in town. Not only do their meals taste incredibly good, but they are also stylishly served and made with fresh and nutritious ingredients. They also serve a wide variety of sushi rolls, with the eclectic menu and wonderful service inspiring customers to visit this place more than once. From a quick meal to a big family dinner, this place provides the perfect venue for any occasion.

2. Kin Khao Thai & Sushi Bar

Located 10 miles south, in Valparaiso, Kin Khao Thai & Sushi Bar offers an impressive variety of Thai dishes and sushi rolls. Their menu ranges from appetizers, such as fried chicken with Thai herb or fresh spring rolls, to noodle and fried rice-based recipes, Thai curry varieties, a special kids’ selection, and some delicious desserts, including the famous mango and sticky Rice. There’s also a special selection of the chef’s favorite dishes, featuring traditional chicken, duck, beef, salmon, and tuna recipes, among many others. 

3. Happy Wok

Another place that mixes Thai and Chinese foods, Happy Wok’s amazing variety means it will take you a while to try out everything on the menu. Their Thai specialties are Pad Thai noodles, Pad Thai white rice, Thai pineapple fried rice, and Thai spicy fried rice. You can also find dishes from other parts of Asia, such as Mongolian chicken or Singapore Chow Mei Fun. They also offer a take-out option and a lunch special available every day. Overall, this a culinary trip through Asia that you’ll want to return to again and again.

4. Spice Thai Cuisine

Located less than a half-hour away, in Merrillville, Spice Thai Cuisine is a restaurant that only serves traditional Thai cuisine, using recipes that were carefully passed on from generation to generation. Indeed, anyone who has traveled to Thailand and tasted original Thai cuisine can confirm that this place offers dishes that are identical to those found in the charming Asian country. Aside from the great food, the restaurant is clean and neat-looking, while the service is top-notch. Newcomers to Thai food should know, however, that the food will perhaps be spicier than they are used to. 

From rolls to stir fry, soups, and everything in-between, Thai food is a real feast for the senses. By visiting any of these places you will be enchanted and inspired by the variety of tastes and flavors, but also by the great employees and excellent service. Any of these restaurants will give you the chance to experience a tropical paradise only a few minutes away from home.

Image via Flickr by maguay | CC BY 2.0.