4 Museums to Discover This Winter Around Chesterton, IN

Woman sitting looking at paintings in an art museum | Chesterton, INIf you are from Chesterton, Indiana, then you know when winter sets in, it is time to go in. Indoors, that is. And what better thing to do than discover the best museums in the area? Here are a few good museums you should check out.

  1. Brauer Museum of Art

Part of Valparaiso University’s Center for the Arts, Brauer Museum of Art is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting American art from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Brauer Museum of Art maintains a focus on Midwestern regional art and world religious art and currently houses the largest collection of works by Junius R. Sloan. Sloan, born in 1827, and passing at the turn of the century, is a Hudson River School painter who lived and worked in the Midwest.

Come and browse some of the more than 5,000 original works of art from the mid-19th century to the present. Drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, and more are proudly exhibited at all times in two of the museum’s seven galleries.

  1. Westchester History Museum

If you want a little local culture, it doesn’t get any more local than the Westchester History Museum. Take a tour of the historic 1885 Brown Mansion home and view some of the finest local art from the area over the past century. In addition to the ever-changing variety of local artist exhibits, the museum has a permanent exhibit that traces the history of the Indiana Dunes and the surrounding community.

Operated by the Westchester Public Library, this family-friendly museum is open year-round from 1 to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. You can enjoy some museum programs like Mad About Mysteries, Reading Indiana, and Knitting Together just to name a few. Contact the museum for a full list of programs and events.

  1. Porter County Museum

The Porter County Museum is dedicated to bringing the past into contact with the present to educate and inspire the community. The Porter County Museum was born when a temporary exhibit assembled by the Porter County Historical Society for the 1916 Indiana centennial celebration was formed. When the contributors did not want their objects, back the museum came to life.

Come check out one of the permanent exhibits like We Are Porter County, Prehistoric Porter County, Bronco John, and 100 Years, 100 Objects and treat yourself to local history celebrated and preserved. The museum also presents temporary exhibits like The Central Stories Project and Porter County and the Civil Warso there is always something unique on display that is uniquely local, too.

There is always something to do at the Porter County Museum. What’s more, they offer a wide variety of programs and walking tours throughout the community. From cemetery walking tours to PoCo Legends: Lore on the Lawn and even a special event called Spirits of the PoCo Muse, where the museum director shares paranormal stories from inside the candlelit Porter County jail and sheriff’s residence.

So next time the weather drives you indoors, take the opportunity to visit the indoors at one of these great museums.

Image via Pixabay | CC0.