How to Keep Your Ford Smelling Like New

Dog sticking its head outside car window | Lake Shore FordHaving a new car is an exciting feeling. It boosts all of our happy thoughts; even its scent is something we want to cherish forever. However, its pre-purchase condition eventually fades in time. Drink and food spills, plus poor maintenance, may lead to your car acquiring an awful odor. In addition, if your vehicle smells a little different, it may indicate that it needs to undergo repairs soon.

We can never get that particular fresh-from-the-market fragrance back into our cars. In spite of that, there are plenty of ways to get it smelling almost like new again. Though these tips may not guarantee that same scent your car gave off when you purchased it, you will still be able to avoid foul odors and keep your vehicle smelling great longer.

Clean Your Car

This one is a giveaway. Cleaning your car is not only important when you want to create a good impression, but it is also something you should do frequently no matter what. Regular and extensive cleaning helps prevent stinky odors from spreading inside your car. Cleaning involves removing trash and wiping up any spills.

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Are All-Electric Ford Trucks Possible?

2018 Ford F150 driving up hill through a forested area | Lake Shore FordFord is an iconic truck brand popular for its powerful engines. However, as the company shifts towards making more sustainable trucks, questions arise regarding the future of Ford and the vehicles that it makes. Are all-electric Ford trucks possible?

Betting on its Best Brands     

In the recent years, Ford has been continuously betting on its best brands of trucks, to the point of almost phasing out passenger cars in its strategy. F-series Fords have long been one of the best-sellers in their class, with sales revenue reported to be higher than many Fortune 500 icons. The F-series brings about $41 billion in revenue and accounts for a vast majority of the company’s profits. It is reported that about 2,500 F-150s are being sold in the United States every day. Thus, it is not surprising if these models have been receiving the spotlight for potential hybrid versions. Ford is capitalizing on the market already in place for its best-selling trucks in its venture into hybrids and plug-ins.

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Why the 2018 Ford Expedition’s Size Makes it an Ideal Choice for Families

2018 White Ford Expedition | Lake Shore Ford When a large SUV is needed to accommodate your growing family, check out the space and features offered in the 2018 Ford Expedition. With plenty of room to handle your entire family and everything that comes with them, you and your family will find several reasons to love the Expedition.

Versatile Interior

No matter what type of passenger and cargo situation you’re facing, the Ford Expedition can handle it. With seating for up to eight people, the Expedition has room to carry everyone in your family. Plus, you can easily adjust the interior to suit your needs for that trip. The available tip-and-slide second-row seats make it easy for third-row passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. The second-row seats also fold flat to provide space for hauling cargo or to give passengers in the third row a limousine-like experience.

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What Ford’s Discontinued Car Announcement Means for You

Recently, Ford announced that it will no longer be making most of its traditional sedans. This news shocked both consumers and the automobile industry. Learn more about why Ford is making this big move, which models will be discontinued, and what this means for you.

2018 White Ford Fusion | Lake Shore Ford

While not all sedans are being eliminated, this move does cut five key models from the Ford lineup, including the Ford Fusion, Taurus, Fiesta, Focus, and C-MAX. The iconic Mustang, which is technically not a sedan but a high-performance pony car, will stick around. Additionally, Ford says it will introduce the Focus Active. However, with a ground clearance that’s higher than the current Ford Focus, this vehicle will actually be closer to a crossover hatchback than a sedan.

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5 Vintage Car Nights Near Chesterton

Vintage Pink Ford | Lake Shore FordWhether you have a vintage car you love to show off or you’re a vintage car enthusiast, you’ll find several events near Chesterton that feature an impressive collection of these classic beauties. Check out this list of vintage car shows near Chesterton.

Chesterton Cruise Night

Chesterton Cruise Night occurs on the last Saturday of each month starting on May 26 and runs until September 29. The event takes place from 5 to 9 p.m. at Thomas Centennial Park. When you stop by, you can view cars of all types, including foreign, sport, and vintage. The event is free to attend, and it makes for a night of great fun the entire family can enjoy.

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3 Interesting Demographic Trends in the Chesterton Area

Three generations of women talking a walk while holding hands | Lake Shore FordSince its founding in 1852, Chesterton, Indiana, has witnessed population growth nearly every decade since. As of July 2016, Chesterton’s population is an estimated 13,441. Learn more about the interesting and changing demographic trends occurring in the Chesterton area.

Majority of Residents Are Families

Of the total population, 29.8 percent are between the ages of 35 and 54, 20.4 percent are between the ages of 5 and 17, and 4.5 percent are 5 and younger. This shows that a large number of people in the area are families. With a variety of outdoor activities and employment opportunities, it’s easy to see why families choose to settle in Chesterton. In fact, many families like taking a trip north to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore to enjoy the beaches, hiking and biking trails, and camping opportunities.

In addition to the outdoor recreational opportunities, Chesterton also has several wineries worth visiting. Butler Winery has a location in Chesterton that’s open for tastings seven days a week. Along with a variety of wines, the tasting room also sells wine accessories and gifts.

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What’s Included in Ford’s Towing Package

2018 White Ford F150 towing a boat | Lake Shore FordThe Ford lineup of trucks delivers a massive amount of power, including the ability to tow up to 13,200 pounds in the 2018 F-150. To enjoy this feature, however, the truck has to be properly equipped. Ford’s Tailor Tow Package, which includes the following features, is key to maximizing the power and utility in your new vehicle. This system comes standard on the F-150 Raptor and is available as an option on the XL trim.

Class IV Trailer Hitch

A Class IV trailer hitch is rated to haul a trailer with a maximum gross weight of 14,000 pounds. This addition, which is essential to towing a large load, ups the capacity to 6,000 pounds on the 3.3-liter Ti-VCT V-6 model and up to 7,000 pounds on a 2018 F-150 equipped with either a 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine or a 5.0-liter V-8. This hitch adds a 4-pin/7-pin wiring harness, the hitch receiver, and a Smart Trailer Tow Connector as well.

A Class IV trailer hitch is a standard feature on the Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited trims. It’s available as an option on the XL and XLT.

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4 New Restaurants to Open in the Chesterton Area

Burger in Chesterton, IN | Lake Shore FordThe Chesterton area’s new restaurants offer unique and memorable dining experiences, surprising their customers with an unusual spin on food and drinks.


This fun-spirited establishment has elevated its food and drink preparation techniques to state-of-the-art. Everything is nontraditional about this place — from the ambiance to the unusual flavor combinations. Each room of the restaurant has a different theme, like the Library Room or the Boudoir Room. The servers wear bow-tie T-shirts.

Dino Cocco, one of the owners, takes his business seriously and offers four different types of ice for cocktails. He cures his own bacon, prepares ginger syrup for beer, and presses fresh juices for cocktails every day.

Volstead serves many of the old classics with a unique twist. One of the entrees pairs flavors of duck and white chocolate. Pork rinds are sprinkled with cheddar. Doughnut holes surprise you with the combination of vanilla, foie gras, and jam. The Jackie Chiles cocktail is an unbelievable concoction of tobacco and espresso.

Generally, it’s $5-$15 for appetizers, $10-$12 for sandwiches, and $21-$24 for entrees.

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5 Most Fuel Efficient 2018 Ford Models

2018 Blue Ford Edge | Lake Shore FordFord manufactures several vehicles that bring a smile to drivers who prize fuel efficiency. Though this lineup includes a few smaller hybrid and electric options, the company also produces some compact SUVs that offer competitive mileage. Check out these five Ford models that offer great fuel efficiency.

2018 Focus Electric

Though this vehicle is only available at Ford EV Certified Dealers in select states, it boasts incredible fuel efficiency. It’s an all-electric, emission-free vehicle that runs on an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery. The vehicle simply needs to be plugged in when it’s running on empty. The Focus Electric delivers an astounding equivalent of 118 miles per gallon in the city and 96 on the highway. It starts at $29,120.

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Best Places to Buy Books in Chesterton

A man in the middle of a book store with a woman in the background reading a book  | Lake Shore FordChesterton is a wonderful place for bookworms. If you’re ready for your next read, reach for a paperback instead of an e-reader. Head to one of these places to buy new and used books near Chesterton.

O’Gara & Wilson Ltd. Antiquarian Booksellers

O’Gara & Wilson Ltd. Antiquarian Booksellers boasts the impressive accomplishment of being Chicago’s oldest bookstore. You’ll have no problem finding a new title to thumb through in the shop’s incredible selection of used books. If you’re a bibliophile, you’ll also love O’Gara & Wilson’s display of rare and antique works. The shop is always building its library and purchases quality used books from anyone looking to sell.

Find O’Gara & Wilson in Chesterton at 223 Broadway. The store is open seasonally. Visit from May–September Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. From October–April, the bookstore is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. O’Gara & Wilson is closed every Sunday and Monday.

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